Headphone Holders

My partner is an audiophile, and amongst his gear are many sets of headphones. I thought it might be nice to get them organised for him and on display.

I bought the pegboard from IKEA. Where I live in relation to the IKEA in Melbourne, I usually have to travel on toll roads, well, long story short it was cheaper for me to have it delivered than it was to drive and pick it up myself.

I bought a laser cut file from Etsy and went in to one of the city libraries which has a fantastic Maker Space, and cut 7 of these headphone holders from 3mm plywood. First though, I did arrange the files in Adobe Illustrator to minimize waste and get as many as I could from the 30x60cm piece of ply - which is the maximum bed size. I also cut my own ply down to size by hand from a larger piece as it’s much more affordable.

The file suggested to glue only 2 particular parts together, but I decided to glue every single piece to be sure, which took a while but I felt better for it.

They turned out great! Thanks for looking :hugs:


What a cool (and practical) project! It looks sharp, too. Thanks for sharing the in-progress shots - each holder takes quite a few more pieces than I expected by seeing them assembled.


Thank you :blush:

The cut file was so precise it was very satisfying putting it all together. The very last piece, the side of the curve, was very snug but I’m guessing it needed to be that way. There was only a partial construction video on the Etsy listing, but it was pretty straight forward to figure out the rest.

It was also super cool making plywood curve for the first time, as can be seen in the last photo :star_struck:


Very cool project!

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This is awesome!! These look really cool. I bet he loves this display!

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This is great! :grin:

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Thank you @Tapestry @Bunny1kenobi @jellybean :hugs:
It was very well received and it’s looking very tidy still :ok_hand:t2: