Hearting new topics: ability is gone now?

Hi! Up to a couple days ago, i could click on New topics, and then heart the posts I wanted to heart, without opening up the individual posts. That seems to be gone now.

I really like this option for when I’ve already seen the project posted and discussed elsewhere, like in a stitch along or a swap, and I don’t feel like I need to actually go in and look at the entire post to know that I want to give it a heart.

Is it truly gone or … me? I cleared cache & cookies etc, all the usual web/internet troubleshooting tips.


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I hadn’t noticed it, but you’re right; I don’t see it anymore either, on Chrome at least. I actually don’t see the hearts from that view at all, even for topics I’ve already liked.

I noticed some style changes a couple days ago so I think there might have been a site update. I’m not sure about the specific functionality.

I see the hearts, I am on my laptop on chrome. I can do it on my iphone too and my kindle. Are you still having problems?

Still gone. Tried different browser too. Safari & Firefox.

Hmmm, maybe clearing the cache or signing out and back in.

I am not seeing the hearts anymore either.

I do all that. I used to do IT tech support, I run through all the usual steps (and some unusual!) before posting. :wink:

If you have any tricks, let me know. :blush:I believe a few people are getting error messages saying the site is down right now too. I know @sweets4ever did some updates so there might be some bugs.

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I’m digging into it. I did do an update and while I didn’t intentionally turn off the feature, it may have been modified in the update.