Hearts and Flowers Twinchies

I am in a Facebook group that swaps inchies/twinchies/ATCs/ATCoins/etc. with all of the members being in the UK. I love that they are quickish to craft and I love that the postage costs are low, so I can join in with a few more swaps than I would be able to afford if they were international swaps. Each month there are a range of swaps that you can sign up for, with different themes.

One of the swaps this month is for Hearts and Flowers Twinchie and these are my finished twinchies. I am really happy with how they came out.

For these I used a background that I had painted and cut into twnichie and inchie bases, ready for future swaps

I hadn’t planned to use these originally for these twinchies, but decided I wanted to get away from the pastel colours I would usually sick to for anything with hearts and/or flowers.

The hearts were all cut from washi tape stuck down to card and cut out - a few of them I decorated with metallic sharpies, but as I picked 4 at random for these, only one ended up being used.

The corrugated card strips were torn from a disposable cup holder. I don’t get much of a chance to save these anymore, since I started carrying an reusable coffee cup! But I love to use random bits and pieces in my crafting - it does drives hubby mad though, that I collect these odd bits and pieces.


Love these! The one with the gold is my favorite; I like all the doodling you did on the heart.

These are fantastic! I love all the detail and textures :grin: These make me want to try twinchies :slight_smile:

Love that you use so many random pieces to create quite a bit of texture and interest! The torn cardboard is really my favorite, so hope you continue to grab those up from others who might just toss them!

What is the silver chain you used? Is it metal?

Fantastic! It’s amazing how intensely decorated even the tiniest background can be when it’s made from a larger collage piece. I have seen a lot of masterboard style valentines posted this year and I’m about to post some of my own. It is such a fun project with terrific results! Have yours been received yet? I’d love to hear the feedback from people who are possibly not familiar with the masterboard technique, I wonder how they think it’s accomplished.

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They are border stickers, like the ones here -

They have been received, but not had any feedback on them yet, so will wait and see :slight_smile:

oh great! They look terrific as an embellishment for a lot of different projects…thanks! And, they ship to the US!

I love that you didn’t use traditionally heart/flower colors for the background. I may have to filch a coffee sleeve next time I go out for coffee.