Hearts of Love Prayer Flags w/ Tut

In the recent Prayer Flag swap I was lucky enough to have a common theme with my partners. HEARTS! So hearts it was.
I’ve created scrappy rainbow hearts over and over again and never tire of them.

  1. Start with a scrap piece of fabric and draw your heart in the middle. If you are going rainbow, also draw the six divisions. Radiate out from the center, divide into six segments, create bands of color, or do as you please. I like to use a sharpie that bleeds through the fabric so I can see the shape from the back.
  2. Now grab those scraps (I know we all have them) and layer them on. Make sure to cover the edges as you will be trimming later.
  3. Stitch over the top randomly anchoring all the little pieces down.
  4. Finish in two ways:
    A. Flip over and trim out the heart shape. Then applique to the flag fabric. Approx 8" x 5" finished with a pocket for hanging at the top.
    B. Cover with a solid piece of fabric. Flip over and stitch the heart shape. Flip back to the front and trim out the top fabric heart shape, a reverse applique.
  5. Add beads, words, embellishments. Have fun.
  6. Hang and enjoy.


I love my rainbow scrappy heart flag!

It matches my coaster and you taught me how to make these to pass on to others.

Such joy in using this technique for letters…I must try it.

Thanks for sharing.

Such pretty colors! The wings turned out pretty, too.

Pretty and free-feeling.

I love my winged heart!

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These are both pretty, but the wings really add to the second one. I love the fabric you used for them.

OMGoodness! Both of them are gorgeous! The colors! I love how you created your scrap divisions with little pieces of fabric better than doing radiating stripes. I like the love words and the wings. The white backgrounds are perfect.

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