Heat gun recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a heat gun for paper crafting? I’ve been using my blow dryer but it makes papers go flying everywhere and I was wondering if a heat gun would be a better choice.

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Following this, because same.

I have whatever the craft store stocked so no brand rec from me but just a confirmation that yes absolutely, a heat gun is far superior to a blow dryer that sends papers flying!
Some hair dryers do have just a heat setting with no blow.

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Just be careful, heat guns ate hot! You can melt and scorch things easily and unexpectedly.

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We have a heat gun my husband got for doing resin but I wasn’t sure if I could use that one or if there was one that got less hot for paper crafting.

I don’t use it for paper crafting, but I do have a heat gun for other crafts. I bought the basic $20 model from Wagner at Home Depot. I’ve used it for a few projects now, and I’m really happy with it.

What everyone has said. A heat gun is much nicer for crafting as it’s mostly heat and just a bit of hair movement. It’s also way more focused. It is however A LOT hotter, so precautions for safety while in use and how you set it down when it’s hot are important.

For paper and other crafting, I have a Marvy Uchida that is 20+ years old which was my whatever-the-craft-store had and I remember using a 40% off coupon on it which made it quite reasonable and it’s still going strong. It’s also small and easy to store.

For DIY around the house, I have something like what MistressJennie shared - a basic from a home center. It covers a larger area which is great for bigger projects and is comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

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