Heat/Ice Wrap

Thanks to @FrizzyTyger for posting their recent creations which reminded me that I made this heat/ice wrap for my uncle for xmas.


It’s sized for neck/shoulders, canvas on one side/ flannel on the other. Mine is filled with cracked corn. I had looked at various filling suggestions one of which was cracked corn. Since I had to buy a 50-pound bag just to repair the cornhole game bags - which the squirrels destoryed and took less than 8 pounds - I had plenty left over! In fact, this whole project was made from stash. YEY!


Lovely gift! And yay for stashbusting!!

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What a great gift idea! And you did a lovely job!

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That is fantastic! I have some rice versions that are very handy for the odd ache.

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Stashbusting baby!

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Stashbusting for the win! Plus it looks great and is a thoughtful gift. You rock!

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Thanks, everyone! I was actually unable to give this to him at xmas. He and my mom (his sister) were flying in on the 24th to spend a few days with us, but the local airport was fogged in and they couldn’t land, so they ended up back home many hours later. I did mail the rest of their gifts, but since this weighs quite a bit I decided to give it to him when they try again to visit in in March.

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oooh I like that you used flannel.

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How cool, both an useful craft and stash busting craft :smiley: great job

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Thanks, pals!

Such a thoughtful and cozy gift!

Huzzah! Functional and stash-made! The best!


Thanks, y’all!

Bah ha ha ha, cornhole game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

Nice project.

And you are hilarious ~snort~

But seriously, the squirrels that are squatting in our shop figured out how to open a latched plastic bin to get to the cornhole bags, then chewed through them and ate the corn! Jerks.

Love a good stash buster!

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