Hello Pumpkin

I kept seeing this pumpkin pattern and had to make it. It’s in a 10 inch hoop to give you an idea of size.


that is gorgeous! I love the orangework

I love all the swirls! You did a great job bringing this pattern to life!

It is beautiful!

That’s so pretty!!

So pretty and swirly!

It’s gorgeous!

Oh wow, that is really beautiful! That’s a classy pumpkin!

This is so pretty and classy. I love the color orange you chose too. It gives it a sophisticated look instead of super bright.

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This is gorgeous!

Congrats! Your Hello Pumpkin is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

It’s very beautiful! I love how it’s just one colour. It must have taken you ages!

That’s really pretty! Must have taken a long time!