Help me chose a design/wording for wedding glasses

My lovely friends are having a small registry office wedding soon (the main bash is next year) but we are all travelling in a mini-bus to the ceremony and so I was thinking of bringing some bubbly.

I thought of etching two champagne flutes for them. I will cut the stencil on a cricut and then use glass etch paste. I am a bit stumped as to what to put on (apart from the date)

they are steampunk fans, and both older (and she is a bit of a goth), I don’t want the generic Mr and Mrs

Any ideas??

And since there are only going to be 9 of us in total, I thought I might do one for everyone else. So what would I put on them?


Maybe keep it simple and do their first names, date and use a Steampunkish lettering style? Something old-fashioned.

Or as someone in the old site said…“add some gears and call it Steampunk” :rofl:


Some steampunk has a mad scientist vibe which might translate to drinking glasses. Perhaps decorate beakers instead of champagne flutes.

Copper, brass, and leather are often featured in SP; a “leather” strap or cuff (cut with your Cricut) and decorated with SP charms or cutouts could be fun. Either paint metal accents or add copper foil tape.

Ooh actually I like that steampunking the actual glass, plus I could then use something straight sided which is much easier


Ok, I know this is not helpful. But DAY-UM, if I could figure out how to do this, I’d want a whole freaking set of these…!


Maybe a steampunk heart?


You could use copper tape, made for stained glass, to create the bands on the glass.

The other metal parts could be made of metal, wood, clay (depending on what you work in) or 3Dprinted, of course!

Metal-painted rhinestones make great faux rivets.

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I’m thinking of something like an amber or green glass apothecary jar, maybe with something scienc-y in the glass! Not sure if people would still like champagne if it comes in an apothecary jar with a fake eyeball in it though.

Also, maybe a waste if you buy an expensive bottle, but you can dye beer green with green food dye, so I’m pretty sure you could also turn champagne green in the same way.

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I’m not sure I have any additional suggestions, but I CAN NOT wait to see what you come up with. I will second going with a straight-sided vessel if you can. I just went through a bunch of teeth gnashing and cuss inventing trying to make something to cut with my Cricut to go on the side of a bucket. And a flute is both tapering and going round at the bottom in addition to the cylinder aspect! GAH! I know I have seen champagne flutes that are more of a basic cylinder on a stem, though…

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Hmm… Do they have favorite character types or focuses, in the Steampunk genre? Something that would lead you towards something you could use in place of “Mr.” and “Mrs”? Like Airship Pirates or Explorers, or interest in a particular science, like Botany. Like Doctor Edel, Bontanist for HRM the Queen. Or Captain Brian, or Madam Mollie, etc.

Eh, tbh I’m not sure I’m coming up with anything great.

The combo of working with sticky plastic as a resist and the glass etch paste, means that I can’t do a lot of detail.

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Those glasses are awesome!!

I like that idea, we’ve already done something similar for them for Christmas. We had a “Master Giles tuck and lemonade emporium” (which I broke, so thanks for the heads-up, I need to remake it when I’m playing with etch paste.) But I might be able to come up with something fresh.

What about reaching for some Victorian aspects and ‘punking them up? Like using the language of flowers for a symbol/symbols and adding the banding/gears element on top? Like a secret code.

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Hmmm. What about monograms of some sort?

Ooh, I love those glasses & I could see a stemless version of them banded with leather strapping, tooled & gilded. In fact, I can see that being doable & even easy.

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Although I’m just adding a gear and calling it steampunk :rofl: (and I’m not sure if it would be too busy to etch) what about interlocking gears instead of interlocking hearts?

Can you tell that my knowledge of steam punk aesthetic is low and goes not much further than Wild Wild West? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I found this on Pinterest. It looks easy enough to recreate. You could even use a thin leather strap like someone mentioned earlier instead of the braided gold embellishment.