Help me cook lots of cube steaks - ideas needed

You all I have so much cube steak. Like so very much. By the end of deer season we ended up with 3 deer that we had processed the cheapest way, which means lots of cube steak. We gifted probably about half a deers worth to friends and still have packs upon packs.

While this is a good problem to have, food in the freezer I mean, I quickly ran out of ways to prepare it. When I googled ‘cube steak recipes’ and every alternative I could think of I pretty much just got the traditional way of preparing it. Fry or bake and some gravy on top.

So any ideas on how to branch out?

I use tougher cuts in making sukiyaki…cooking in the broth tenderizes the meat naturally…

Beef Sukiyaki

I also like stuffed chicken, meat, fish…
Stuffed Cube Steaks

i am probably not the best person to answer this since i don’t typically eat meat, and never beef, but i did just make some crockpot sweet and sour beef this week from stewing beef after i had bought it and the daughter told me she doesnt like stew. i am thinking you just wouldn’t need to cook it that long. comment section suggested reducing the sauce to half, so i did that and it was perfect for the two that eat meat.

it was between the sweet and sour beef and beef tips made with stewing beef.

We pan fry our cube steaks dusted with flour in oil. When they’re done, remove them from the pan and deglaze with 1 can fire roasted tomatoes, 1 pouch brown gravy, and 1-32 oz. Container beef broth. Return the cube steaks to the pan and simmer on low for 90 minites. Serve with egg noodles, mashed potatoes, cornbread, anything you like to sop up the gravy with

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I like to pre-cook tougher cuts and then slice them super thin to use in stir fry.

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Thank you! I never would have thought of stuffing a cube steak.

Those recipes look very tasty thank you for the idea.

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I’ve never put tomatoes in my gravy, we normally just do a brown gravy. I’ll have to give it a go.

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That’s a great idea. Would help out with my desire to do more meal prep too.

I like recipes like that…I have several for fish, pork, chicken, and beef…roll ups are a nice change and quite easy to cook for a complete meal …just add veggies or a salad!

Let us know how you fare!

Slice them up for “beef” and broccoli! I grew up on wild meat and my mom just substituted it in any given beef recipe.

Also you can marinate it overnight in 2 parts 7-up (has to be 7-up rather than a no-name lemon lime soda or sprite), 1 part soy sauce and 1 part cooking oil. Makes for tender teriyaki-ish beef so I’m guessing it would work well for deer also. I usually grill the marinated meat.

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I remember my dad marinating with 7-up! Most of our deer meat is turned into jerky or sausage…I swear my husband lived through football season on sausage we froze a few years ago! lol

Teriyaki-ish beef sounds so yummy!

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We do the 7 UP and soy marinade on turkey legs and grill them. YUM! I’d imagine that it would work just as well with the cubed steak with stir fried veggies and rice on the side.


We actually have cubed steak on the menu for later this week. I’ve been looking at different recipes as well.

These look interesting…

My family is planning on using some venison in a wild rice stew/hot dish. Just cut it into chunks and quick pan fry before adding it to the rest of the mix.

Jerky! It keeps, travels, can be flavoured many ways, rehydrated to cook with. All my kids like it, even the meat-fussy ones.

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I just think of chicken fried steak with gravy.

Chicken fried steak and gravy is my go to :blush:

Oh we used one of the backstraps for some jerky. I’ll have to try it with some of the other cuts too.

These all look very tasty!