Help Me Eat Less Meat

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So far the recipes have been 3/3 and all will be added into our rotation - apple cinnamon overnight oats, chia blueberry overnight oats, and veggie packed potato leek soup. I think the next recipes we are going to try are lemon basil tofu and chocolate banana overnight oats. After we make our way through some of the standalone dishes, I’m going to make some of her mix-and-match bowl components for lunches. So far I’m very pleased with the cookbook! I’m also loving having the overnight oats ready in the fridge. It’s been really convenient to grab and eat after I get home from PT and my husband even commented about how filling they were.


I used to do overnight oats. I’d do the dry ingredients for like 10-12 jars at a time, and then just add the milk the night before. Now I do steel cut oats in my rice cooker over night, and wake up to hot oatmeal. I usually set them up while making dinner, or just before bed when I set off the dishwasher anyways. Being able to eat a hot breakfast before the baby wakes up is a good motivator to set them up. And arranging things in the kitchen so the dry oats are right next to the rice cooker, and keeping a measuring scoop in the container means it literally takes seconds, so I just just do it.


I love steel cut oats! We got a zojurishi rice cooker many years ago mainly for making overnight steel cut oats. The last few years we’ve been making them in the instant pot (1c oats, 3c water, 4 min high pressure with natural release). They don’t come out as soft as overnight in the rice cooker but we really like them.

I actually lost my recipe with the directions for steel cut oats in the rice cooker, do you have a favorite?

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When I first got my zojurishi a few years ago, it didn’t have directions for oatmeal specifically, so I googled around. Most places said 1/4 cup steel cut oats, to 2/3 cup milk of choice, but I found this wayyyy too thick. I experimented a few days in a row, until I figured out that the perfect ratio for me is 1/4 cup oats to 1 cup faux milk. When I pour the milk in, it comes to just a hair under a specific line on the inside of the bowl (the water line for 1 cup of sushi rice), so now I don’t bother to measure it. I just pour to that line now.

I have found that the faux milk I use does matter. It was perfect with silks unsweetened cashew milk, but unsweetened oatmilk is a bit more watery, so I use a dash less, etc.


Thanks! I didn’t think to try it with plant milk, I think we always used water but now now I’m not sure. Do you cook the oats by themselves? We used to add a cut up banana, cinnamon, and I feel like there’s something else I’m blanking on at the moment (probably vanilla and/or some brown sugar). In the morning the whole house smells like delicious banana oatmeal goodness! I’m going to have to make it again soon.


It’s hard to get a good pic of all beige food but this comes together quickly and is tasty.

I did grate some Parmesan on top after the pic

Recao de Binéfar


Today’s lunch was lemon basil tofu over brown rice. It was good but next time I’d tweak the sauce a bit.


Just made this chocolate pb banana “ice cream” and it was delicious! Tastes exactly like the ice cream we used to have growing up (vanilla ice cream, sliced bananas, chocolate syrup, and peanuts) but without the ice cream. Highly recommend!!


Ooo…both dishes (tofu and ice cream) look/sound delicious! I’ve been wanting to try “nice cream” which I think is similar.

I did the thing I never do today! Salad for lunch for the week. And it’s delicious!



OK, I have a question for this group that may be TMI, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Does anyone use digestive enzymes? I have found that the gas situation has gotten out of control with this new diet (weirdly more so when I started watching my cholesterol than just not eating meat). I’ve been using Beano for a few weeks now, and haven’t really noticed a difference. I’m barely consuming dairy, and often go days without any, so I don’t think that’s the culprit. Anyone have any products that really work for them?

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Try avoiding pea protein, it’s a major irritant.
I know subbing is working for your fam but the uber processed meaty cheezy stuff is just not so digestible. Go whole foods as much as possible for yourself. Good luck, this can be a tricky issue.


Oh pea protein is 100% off the table for me. I avoid anything with it listed on the label. I was surprised to find a lot of dairy substitutes have it listed! What?! I guess it’s a good source of protein if you can tolerate it.

And yes, whole foods have been my MO since trying to lower cholesterol…and issue has gotten worse? What the heck, lol.


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Are you eating lots more cruciferous veggies, beans, and legumes? If so, it might take a few weeks for your body to adjust. If you started eating a lot of new things, you could try an elimination of one at at time to see if there’s something specific that you’re reacting to, but it’s likely just an increase in fiber and your system will get used to it after a few weeks.

Yes, this is absolutely accurate I’d say. I wouldn’t say NEW things, just more of them. Gas has always been an issue for me, but now it’s pretty much every day. I hope you are right and my body will readjust!! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, ladies!! :heart:


Sorry dear, just saw this! I never flavor my oatmeal at night, because I don’t trust myself to want that flavor in the morning. Some nights I go to bed certain that in the morning I’m going to have fresh raspberries, sliced almonds, and brown sugar on top. Then in the morning I’m actually craving bananas, walnuts and maple syrup. Then there are the days I wake up REALLY wanting something savory instead. So I end up digging through the fridge and topping my oatmeal with leftover roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed spinach, and an over easy egg.