Help! Need a vegetarian entree

We have dinner guests coming on friday, one is vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten free.
I’m thinking about making a crustless veggie quiche (and probably a second quiche with meat, cheese, and crust), but I would welcome other ideas.

ETA, and we are in an airbnb with limited kitchen supplies…
Maybe portobello mushrooms?

Current plan: cargo rice (a nutty brown rice) with mushrooms and veggies, a salad, rotisserie chicken for the meat eaters, fruit for dessert, with shortcake and cream for those that eat such.
.Will that be sufficient? I want everyone to feel cared for and satisfied.

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There are a lot of ideas in the Help Me Eat Less Meat thread.

Your menu sounds just fine tho

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I think you’re all set with that menu there, it covers all the bases and doesn’t scream “I AM ACCOMMODATING YOUUUUUU” to anyone.


For vegan/dairy-free desserts I also often grab a pint of sorbet. Everyone loves sorbet, so you’re not serving a “vegan” dessert, just something everyone enjoys and that also fits into many different diets. Plus it’s also cheap and requires 0 effort.

With rice, mushrooms, veggies and a salad I think there are a lot of different options. I’m sure your guest has had many dinner parties where they could just maybe eat one thing. I’m not extremely familiar with the gluten-free diet,but I like the blog Cookie + Kate for their vegetarian recipes. They also have a ton of recipes that are labelled both gluten-free and vegan (so would be suitable for your guest) :

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These are AMAZING tacos, that use Impossible ground. I’ve made them over and over, and each time my husband forgets they are meatless. He inevitably says something like, ‘Hey, were those tacos bison? Ground pork? They are so good.’ They are already a dairy-free and vegan/vegetarian recipe. Just pick up gluten free tortillas and you’re all set. There are never leftovers to worry about dumping out at your AirB&B.

Oh, and if you do go with sorbet as a dessert, be sure to check the label! Some do include milk! If you do a strawberry shortcake, you can get a vegan version of Cool Whip instead of whipped cream. TruWhip has a vegan version that is available at regular grocery stores nationwide. I’m not sure where you are, but Kroger carries it.


Thanks for the suggestions!
I’m doing a veggie thai curry, cargo rice, salad, rotisserie chicken, and have fruit, shortcakes, vegan whipped topping, and mango sorbet for dessert.