HELP! Need Mardi Gras ideas

Hello all!
I have been tasked with a team building exercise where we all make some sort of Mardi Gras craft. I am drawing an absolute blank! My team is about 20 people of varying skill levels so I wouldn’t mind some easy ideas as well as more complex things as well. Has anyone successfully orchestrated a group craft project that is Mardi Gras based?

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You can order plain white masks from Oriental Trading and let everyone decorate their own. Provide markers, feathers, sequins, glitter, etc. This wouldn’t be intimidating for non-crafters and would allow more advanced folks to unleash their creativity.


Definitely masks; you could also do a bead-stringing thing, with a whole bunch of sparkly & fun shapes of pony beads. Something with big holes so it doesn’t need lots of co-ordination, but if people want to add feathers or something from the mask-building supplies that could add a challenge dimension.


oooooh I like that! and it wouldn’t break the bank!

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Yes to masks and beads! And of course be sure to have lots of purple, green, and gold supplies… those are the traditional Mardi Gras colors.

Could also have people paint each others’ faces with those skin-safe face paints. But people would have to be willing to wear the paint…

Could make pins — maybe face and mask shapes that people could paint and/ or decorate with rhinestones.


I like the pins idea too. I was also thinking about ‘decorate your own cupcake’ with different icing colors and dragees and edibles to decorate it with, could even have a “best decorated” contest