Help pls.: Glass bottle-cutting, but with a twist! Anyone?

Hello all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Does anyone have any tips please, on how to cut the SIDE of the bottle? I saw this vase in a customer-submitted image on Amazon (in an advert page for flowers, not a vase) - and it was just about one of the PRETTIEST things I’ve seen … but can’t find anywhere!!! I NEED this vase in my life and I think it may have been a DIY Project out of a simple black champagne bottle.

Any help is appreciated.


I haven’t done this, but if I needed to I’d either find someone with a waterjet cutter or if I couldn’t I’d try a Dremel glass cutting head. Curved surface will make it hard - plan to practice first.


The cutting surface has to be wet too.


Thank you both! The Dremel idea is brilliant, and I think we have one somewhere (yeay!).

Also, I was reading through some of the topics earlier and everyone seems so genuinely nice. This place is already a “favorite”. :star_struck:

Thanks again. :hugs:


Welcome! This is my favorite corner of the internet…. I hope you’ll like it here! Would love to see that vase when you finish it! :smiley:

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