Help with blocking 80, 7.5 inch knitted squares?

I am looking to make some sort of homemade blocking kit?!? I have 80 knitted squares to block and not sure how to do it with things I have around the house!!

I’m attempting the Ron Weasley blanket…

If your dollar store is open (ours are because they have food and “essentials”), you could use foam core with a towel on top…pins stick in enough to hold your knits…a big board is…$1 :slight_smile: You can probably fit four on a board…I have done it with just towels on the carpet, but the carpet can get damp and it takes forever to dry…do you have any wood laying around?

Wooden blocking board DIY

Depending on the yarn you used, you could do what a friend does for the majority of her blocking - simply stick them in the washing machine and the dryer.
She lives in a small flat and is a wheelchair user and doesn’t have space to block things on a board.
She uses this method for the majority if her work (she crochets continuously) unless she has used wool.

My Grandma was also a prolific maker - knit and crochet. Again, no blocking as such, but she did press most items using a steam iron and a clean, damp cloth. Sometimes it would just be a once over with the iron, other times, very carefully using the steam from the iron, but not actually touching the item.

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None of our shops like that are open…but, I could probably use an old foam sleeping bag mattress, which I forgot we had!!

I’m really scared if using the washing machine with them…lol!!! I know it will just all go wrong!!!

Try it with 1 or 2 in a normal wash, that way if it does go wrong it’s not a massive loss. As long as the yarn is washable (and dryable if you use a dryer) there shouldn’t be a problem.