Here Comes Peter Jackalope, Hopping Down the Mountain Slope

Our springtime/Easter decorations lean heavily towards the jackalopery! This is the latest addition.

I bought the green rabbit & ribbon last spring on clearance. Then I picked up the antlers from the floral section this winter - on sale, of course.

The rabbit is rigid foam, so I just used a craft knife to make a hole for the antlers - which I removed the wire pick part from.

A little hot glue and BAM! New species!


He’s adorable! He looks like you could buy him that way.

(Which led me to thinking how funny it would be to sneak one back onto a store shelf and leave him there…:laughing:)

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This is awesome. :green_heart: :rabbit2: :green_heart:

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I knew this was yours just from the title! He is absolutely adorable!

Thanks everyone!

Oooo! Like a craft-store specific hidden camera show! Wouldn’t that be a fun YouTube channel?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :thinking:

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That is hilarious.

So cute! You could make him a seasonal jackalope and change out his/her ribbon per season. That would be absolutely adorable.

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What a handsome little guy. I love the mossy take on a jackalope. So clever. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Ha! I already have a seasonal jackalope! His name is Dale. Here he is on April Fool’s Day.


I feel the need to add more jackalopes to my decorating style! He kicks butt!

Thanks! You gotta crochet yourself a jackalope!

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YAAASSSS!! :rabbit2:


This is adorable and fabulous!