Here comes the sun... I hope

Wayhay, I said it was time for some spring/summer clothing so here we go!! I’m calling the sun out with some nice airy double gauze short trousers in yellow and metallic gold :sunglasses: :sunny:

So I made these trousers for another pattern challenge on my fave fabric store’s blog (which is also where the lovely double gauze is from), this time a McCalls one. I’m admittedly not fond of big company paper patterns, I find the diagrams hard to understand, being self-taught I often have to look up the terms used, and generally get very frustrated, and this was no exception!

McCalls M7131

That said though, at least I came away from it having learnt what ‘easestitch’ and ‘understitch’ meant, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve already used the latter a few times since and will definitely use it more often! :nerd_face:

To start off with I was very confused as to what the differences were in the different views, looking through the pattern I summised that A, B, C and E were just the different length options, but pattern view D seemed to be… the same but different, lol. I’m still not quite sure because they never said anywhere, but it seemed to be a 2 layer trousers or something, but who knows?!

Anyways that’s more info that you really needed. So I picked view B/C because I’m awkward and I found B too short, and C too long, so I made B½. And upon finishing the garment I decided annoyingly that I didn’t like the front pleat (designed to make the trousers look more like a skirt), sooooo I unpicked it, removed the pleat and made the waistband longer.

Given that I have made a similar pair of shorts in the past (albeit self-drafted) with a similar front pleat I don’t think it’s a general issue with that style, but rather because my waist is a few inches above the top size of the pattern, so whereas the elastic in the back accommodated my larger ‘girth’, the front just didn’t sit right. So next time I may try the pleat again, but I’ll grade up the pattern a little first!

And of course Rosie doesn’t give two hoots about me trying to have my piccie taken… and proceeded to poop twice, one on either side of me!!

Suffice to say Mr Loops has now dubbed these my poopy pants… thanks for that Rosie!

Hope you like! :poop:
Loops xx


Super cute! And that fabric brings the sunshine even if the sky won’t!

Tell us what you really think, Rosie. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :rofl:

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I adore yellow, so I love your fabric choice. And the shorts look so comfy and breezy! It’s great that the pattern taught you new skills that were useful enough that you’ve already used them on other projects. And you guys who alter clothing patterns on they fly just amaze and impress me. Well done!

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Because I am who I am, I had to investigate. I couldn’t find anyone who had used pattern D but did learn it’s an overlay piece, not an entire pattern. Say you wanted to dress up your shorts, you could cut the D pieces from lace or another light, see through fabric and sew it on top of your other fabric. Seems pointless to me, maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it sewn up.

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All that sunshine in a pair of shorts. They are beautiful!

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Thanks Cindy! Figured it had to be something like that as overlay was mentioned in the instructions for view D, but like you say it just seemed kinda pointless, I mean you just cut 2 of each leg piece and attach them both to the waistband at the same time instead of just 1 surely, lol. These big company patterns really could do with some explanations of each view though, I had the same issue when I made my cape for the last pattern challenge I did :face_with_spiral_eyes: I was sooo unclear what the difference was with each view just from the diagrams, like what was a pocket and what was an armhole, is that a hood, can I use the hood on any of the views, lol?!


@TheMistressT I know right, she really wanted me to know what she thought of those! I thought she’d like them cos it gives her more of my legs to lick, lol, but I guess maybe she just doesn’t like yellow?!

@endymion Yeah I can’t believe I’ve not come across ‘understitch’ before, it’s a really great one when you’re sewing something with lining like a pocket, bag, or facing on clothing like in the case of these troosers, cos it keeps the lining from showing where you don’t want it to!

@Kwality570 Aww thank you so much :sunny:


Lovely work as always…even if Rosie doesn’t agree! :laughing:

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Love that fabric! The little bubbles and the metallic and amazing! The pic of Rosie doing her business cracked me up! I always love your posts.

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You slay me.

I love the waistband. Good structure but still stretchy.

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Congratulations! This sunny project is a FEATURED PROJECT! Rosie helped too.
Thank you for contributing to our community. :green_heart:

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Aww thank you so much!

I’m a bit absent atm as I’ve been bed bound with a back issue the last 2 weeks, and my Doc is sending me to A&E (ER) today so that’ll be fun I’m sure :face_exhaling: So it may be a while before I’m able to sew and post again :frowning:


Oh no! Hope you get to the bottom of it so you can start healing! Back issues are awful!!


Sending you healing vibes. It sounds like it’s time to learn to knit a sweater. :wink:


@abbeeroad @gozer

Thanks both, I thankfully came away from A&E pretty quickly, only about 3 hrs (compared to my last trip there which was about 10 hrs), and the plus is that they didn’t think there was an immediate need to keep me for an MRI and/or any immediate surgery, but the minus is that it was an excruciatingly painful day and I came away with no solution or extra meds. Just need to continue resting, and apply for physio.

On the plus side I do have some troosers that I haven’t had a chance to post yet (which I in fact wore to the hospital, lol) so once I’m able I can at least post those even if I can’t make anything else :blush:

Planning some cross stitch to do in the meantime, and potentially some Crochet projects if I can find where I put my blasted hooks etc!!!


Looking forward to seeing them. I hope you heal up quick too!