Here's the church, here's the steeple

Been working on these for a bit. Weather would NOT cooperate, lol.
Sorry if I posted these pic before.

Say hello to 1 of my children, Dixie Cup

working church
church scrap

I’ve got many of the black door ones (seen in the 1st pic) done but I’m at a crossroad.
I have a few more of the fancy crosses; I’ll use them. To please my really rustic soul, I plan to burn some toothpicks to make crosses. And then there is this thing, Tree of Life pendant. If I use it, what color? I’m not skilled enough to paint each leaf/trunk.
tree of life sample

Also I will be adding scriptures to each door, in my rustic style.

Critique as always, appreciated.


They’re very attractive! I love the idea of adding scripture to them. I would just paint the Tree of Life a solid color and then maybe dry-brush over the top with an accent color.


These are neat. I, too, love the idea of scripture on them. Please update it when you do!
I like them all together creating a little city.
How big is the tree of life? I’d say one solid color. Black or dark brown and adding dry brush would be nice to add some rustic weathering.

And Dixie Cup is adorable!!


Thanks so much for your comments/critques.
Yes, solid color will be done. Hadn’t thought of the 2nd as a highlight.