Hermes leather luggage tag has anyone made a dupe of it?

The item costs usd 570 so was thinking has anyone made a dupe of it using leather?

I haven’t made one but I had to go see what was so special about this luggage tag ($570!) and from the image on their website, it seems like everyone has made a dupe of it as it looked just like every other leather luggage take I’ve seen! But they only show one side so I could be missing the secret show stopper feature. Of course the craftsmanship and the leather quality are both super gorgeous on the Hermes.


I made a luggage tag from an old credit card once… but never from leather.


Am I missing something? Maybe you can add a picture of what you are looking at because the Hermes luggage tags I am finding all look like plain luggage tags.

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I usually make mine from brightly colored fabric, so they stand out on the luggage carousel.
One has a colorful surfboard design. It costs a couple hundred dollars more.