Hey Jude Don't Go Commando - Beatles Boxers

Father’s Day is coming and as is tradition I helped Delia make her papa a pair of boxer shorts.

TheMisterT does love The Beatles and is a fan or orange, so I picked up this print when the licensed characters were on sale at JoAnn. I don’t know that “Hey Jude” would be his favorite song, but I really love the colors and design of this print!

I paid no mind to pattern matching or fussy cutting here, but am kind of tickled that at least the pattern is pretty much at the halfway along the seams instead of just slightly off. TheMisterT will not notice it all all. :upside_down_face:


I love the boxer shorts tradition!! You always pick the best fabrics, too!


lol I would say that if anyone notices the pattern being off a bit, they need to be questioned as to why they are looking at his undies… :rofl:

Great job…love the print and your annual tradition of expanding the Mr.'s personal wardrobe!


Thanks, y’all!

Hehe! It’s way more than annual!

Aw, you. It’s hard not to buy even more!

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Hee! Another great pair.

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Fabulous fabric! And great boxers. Also love the title of this topic.

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This is such a fun & funny tradition you have :smile:

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Hahahaha! Love this pair! :heart:

Thank so much, pals!