Hey, Look -- It's a Gluebook!

Last fall I was watching a lot of Nicole Relax.Cut.Glue’s YT videos and decided I needed to start a gluebook. An untold number of magazine harvests and glue sticks later, it’s done!

I cut down staple-bound a postal catalog I had on hand and re-bound it with waxed thread. Then it was just a matter of playing and gluing. Here some of my favorite pages.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the popsicle-holding? I did that. :grin:

And in support of warts-and-all posting, here’s one I call “Stuff I Was Tired of Looking at on a Background that Wouldn’t Play Nice with Anything.”

Thanks for looking!


I think my favorite pages are the cowman and the one where all the people look like they are going to be eaten by the tiger.


I like the way you made the crown out of a castle for the Luxury girl.
I bet this was fun to create!


You have great magazines and made the absolute most out of them. SO FUN!

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This is like a party with paper and glue! You clearly had a great time with this!!

The castle crown is the best… where history meets luxury … PERFECT!

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Thanks, everyone!

So fun! Each page has so much to look at. Now what are you going to do with your free time? :grin:

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Well, for now at least, ICAD is scratching the gluing itch :laughing:.

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