Hi! I need help repainting a vintage ceramic!

Hi! I have a ceramic lamb figurine that I’ve had since my childhood. I just got it from my parents house and cleaned it since it had been collecting dust for a few years, and I accidentally washed off some of the details on its face.

Does anyone know if I could repaint the face details and how I could do that? I really love this lamb and I would hate for its face to remain messed up from my botched cleaning attempt



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Good luck!


Thank you!

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Hmmmm. If you’re not going to be scrubbing it in the future you can probably use a good quality craft paint to get shiny, new details. Just treat it gingerly

Painting ceramic to wear like ceramic is a challenge, but if you use a high adhesion primer and then cover it with craft paint, it would be even more durable. Just pay attention to the curing time and follow directions closely. You’ll want to clean carefully, of course.


Sounds great! Thank you so much for your input! I yeah I’m definitely going to be more careful cleaning from now on. Thanks!

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If you are just doing small areas, mix white glue into craft paint to make it stick.

Nail polish makes a durable finish, too; either as the entire design, or use clear as a glossy topcoat.

Gotta save that cute little lamb!


** smacking hands, respectfully **
I’d leave it as is. “New” will never replace the wonderful memories you have of it being in your room. The boo-boos will always remind you to be careful next time.