Hickory Spoons

These came out pretty darn good. Almost don’t want to give them away. Heh!

Here’s a post I made on imgur explaining the tools I used. Wood Spoons for Cooking - Album on Imgur


Those are so gorgeous.

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These are so nice!!

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So beautiful! I love it when everyday items look elevated like this; almost like a usable sculpture!

Wow, they are beautiful.

Beautiful work!

Absolutely stunning!

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You should be proud! Those are incredible!!

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These look incredibly well made, well done!

Oh, they’re very lovely!


:snowflake: :sparkles: Congratulations! This fantastic project has brightened our winter days as a feature this week! :sparkles: :snowflake:

These are beautiful and amazing when I consider that each spoon had previously just been a block of wood! I really like how nice the grain looks in the ‘bowl’ of each spoon.