High School Graduation Photo Clip Banner


Last week my SIL contacted me about possibly making something similar some things she was considering buying on Etsy for our older niece’s high school graduation party coming up next month. Of course I jumped on it!

There are medallions backed with clothespins for each grade K-12 and a “plaque” on each end.


If it weren’t already obvious, her school colors are royal blue and white! I initially wanted to make the K-5 in her elementary school colors and the 6-8 in middle school colors, but settled on just the high school. :wink:


The grades are mounted to clothespins clipped to and the plaques are threaded on a grosgrain ribbon.


I had almost all the materials in stash! I did pick up a couple more blue/white papers and the white ribbon. I was already planning to purchase more wooden clothespins for actually laundry drying now that the weather is getting nice for that so dedicating 13 of those on hand to this was an easy choice.

I used my Cricut, Sizzix, a slot punch, stamping ink, embossing ink pen and powder.



This is a great idea!! Pictures of the grad at each grade are clipped beneath? I might have to squirrel this idea away…

Thanks! I can not take credit for that part of the idea, she sent me some screen shots, but designs were mine.


This is a really great DIY, cool beans auntie Tata!

This turned out great! You really are the party pro!

What a cute banner! Love the overall design as well as the papers you chose. The ones on the ends are especially cool.

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Thanks so much, everyone!

What an awesome idea for a graduation. This came out so beautifully.