HK Mask (a sign of the times)

I just wanted to share some patterns that have been passed around recently. I know a lot of people have been looking for masks, but they’ve been sold out everywhere (which results in people being shamed for wearing them because some people can’t just keep their thoughts to themselves)…

I just made one so I can feel better about venturing out of the house tomorrow! (And if I can make it, you can definitely make it too.)

The PATTERNS are here!

I used a twist tie for the nose wire and some bias tape (but you could probably use ribbons or shoelaces) for the ties.

Video instructions are HERE

(Nobody can get mad because they think you took it from an urgent care center.)

How to wear it
(You can use two layers of paper towel and it can bring you to around N90, depending on your fabrics.)

(also this)

Enjoy, and stay healthy!!


Thanks for sharing this!


Thank you! I am going to see if I can sneak away from “homeschooling” to make a few for my family today. Stay well everyone!


That’s really cute.

Just to remind people that face masks don’t really help with protecting you against getting Corona virus (Short explanation from BBC) unless you are in close contact with someone who has it, but they may help to stop the spread if you have it.

Here’s hoping we all stay safe, however we need to x


Thanks so much for these patterns. Yours is so cheerfully colorful, it would be fun to wear even without medical concerns!

Having worked in the medical realm, one tip that most folks don’t know is to wear glasses. The eyes are a moist “open area” where germs can access.


We are being asked to behave as though we are sick and trying hard not to spread it around so while the mask might not protect from getting the illness, it would keep our germs from leaving our own face holes. So, win-win! As much as this situation can be a win, I supposed.

Thanks for the project, I will be in quarantine with my family for 14 days after today when we receive someone from an international flight. If we need to go out, we’ll wear masks. I’ll make everybody something cute :slight_smile:.


Also, does your face match your curtains?! LOL, you’ve got a theme going on there :smile:


For me the biggest help a mask would provide would be a physical reminder not to touch my face until I can get home and wash my hands. I’m not a big germaphobe by nature, but I’ve tried to be more conscious of touching things while I’m out of the house and I’m shocked by how often I catch myself about to touch my face. :grimacing:


Cute little project. Thank you for sharing the links!


Given the complete lack of testing in a lot of places, it’s probably best just to assume you might be contageous anyway.

I like the addition of the goggles!


Yep, we know that, but there is a lot of cultural stigma (and dare I say, racism) going around right now regarding masks, and the truth is, it is not going to make anything worse (for the wearer or others). It’s also sad that we’ve had to make announcements telling people NOT to wear masks because of those thoughtless few who have decided to hoard the supply or steal them from care centers. It’s not atypical for people here to wear a mask when out and about on a regular basis.

Of course fabric isn’t going to protect from microscopic viruses, but something that is passed through “respiratory droplets” sounds like exactly the thing this actually can help prevent. :slight_smile:

And, as mentioned, a reminder to touch ones face is a reminder we are all realizing we need. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But yes, as was also mentioned, it’s not a a bad idea for EVERYONE to assume they are a carrier and act in a way that not only protects themselves, but those around them as well. We still have a lot of kupuna around here who don’t realize this can be potentially very dangerous for them, so I’m going to do as much as I can to protect my aunties!


I like the print, I should make some. I have nothing but time, Las Vegas is shut down,


@Magpie, It’s really hard to stay away from prints like these here!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@BreadMenace OMG the face thing, seriously!! I have seasonal allergies that sometimes make my eyes SO itchy, and I’ve gotten better at not touching my face over the years, but I still do, and it’s good to have a reminder!

@Jeanne Thank you for bringing that up! I just had these silly glasses lying around, but I do plan to wear glasses as well. :slight_smile: