Hobonichi Techo Cousin Day-Free Journal

Cover that I collaged from Frankie magazine cut outs :heart_eyes:

I have been umming and ahhing about jumping on the Hobo bandwagon and I finally splurged on the most expensive journal I now own :see_no_evil::grimacing::speak_no_evil:
I originally bought the Techo, which is A6, and I laughed when I got it. I thought about sending it back, but decided to keep it, because, cute.

So much thought went into which journal to get, and I settled on the Day-Free so that I can not feel like I’ve ‘failed’ if I miss days.

As you can see I haven’t done any journalling as yet, but I’ve been working on my backgrounds and decorations.

My favourite YouTubers to watch are My Life Mits, James Luke Burke Creative and now Pocket Journal Pam.
I have also subscribed to my first Patreons… Pocket Journal Pam and Little Raven Ink, for the printables.

The cute washi you see in the pics are from Ali Express (some not cheap), the brand is Meatball. The plastic cover is a Midori A5, I also bought one to go with the A6 baby one.

I plan on adding pics to this post to keep it all in one place as I go :hugs:


You are off to a good start! Such cute images! Love how you are mixing purchased items with your own embellishments and art!


How cool! Day-free is an interesting concept. I always hated missing days while journaling and usually gave up on it.

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It looks like a great start and should inspire you to pick it up more often. I agree, A6 would be a bit too small. Ha!