Hogwarts Crest Folded Book Art

I made this for my sister, who also loves hp. Got the pattern from bookfoldingpatterns4u on Etsy.

Suprisingly easy!


My mind is blown. Off to fall down that rabbit hole of patterns. :laughing: My oldest would lovvvvve this.

That is amazing. Great job and what a great gift!

This is super duper impressive!

Whoa! I’ve seen this type of art around the internet but never knew anyone personally that pulled off such a detailed pattern - So cooooool! :sunglasses:

This is absolutely amazing!

Oh my gosh. This is awesome.

I love this :heart_eyes::blue_heart:🤎

WHAT?! This is made by a person? You made that? That is AMAZING! :scream_cat:

I am also wowed! This is amazing! What a cool gift!

I’d absolutely die if someone gifted me this, it’s amazing! :scream::heart_eyes:

Oh, man! I think I need to make 2 of these- one for my co-worker’s Harry Potter themed classroom, and one for our Harry Potter themed raffle basket. I’ll have to hit the thrift store to snag a couple of HP books to make them from!

Loving this and so thankful you shared the Etsy account so I can try it!!!


Thanks all! It really is A LOT easier than I thought it would be!

I am trying to wrap my mind around how this is possible, lol. That’s amazing!

I’ve seen books like this with a heart or maybe a word, but never something so elaborate!

That is absolutely incredible!!!

Amazing … Now I have to check out that Etsy store.

This is amazing! I’ve been wanting to try this, I just haven’t yet. How long did this take you to complete?