Holiday Present Swap Gallery

@curiousfae! Remember my first swap?? With the bird?

Well, scroll up, and you’ll see her cousin! Made with the same pattern I drafted for you, like…6 years ago!

I’m so glad you love your package, @geekgirl! I had such a good time making for you!

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I received from @geekgirl and @JoyfulClover and boy did they deliver amazing packages! Please don’t mind my paint splattered desk in these photos! It’s where the creative magic takes place and creativity is often messy. :slight_smile:

From Geekgirl

The large item she made for me is this super amazing and soft lap blanket. The chair is oversized, so it’s a bit misleading. The blanket is very generously sized. I’ve been using it while I’ve been working at home since I got it. It’s made of the softest yarn and will be very well loved!

I received not one, but two amazing zipper pouches. The fabrics she chose are so me and so adorable. I was extremely delighted when I opened the package. They’ve already been put to use!

Assemblage art is Geekgirl’s specialty and she made an amazing one for me! This one contains lots of artsy and craftsy stuff. It’s like a little Where’s Waldo artwork. :slight_smile: Can you spot the mini embroidery hoop?

I received a bunch of stencils she made as an extra. Look at these textures! I can’t wait to do some gelli printing again or use them in some art journaling.

Inside of the pouches were all of these nifty washi tapes. I LOVE washi tape. Now I need a bigger container to keep my stash in!

She also generously sent me this little advent calendar. She used an old Stickii sticker advent calendar and each day has its own little envelope in the book. Each day has a different papercraft item in it. I’m doing my best not to jump ahead and open them all at once since I have no patience, but so far, I’ve been really good! I will repost a photo of everything inside once I have opened them all.

From JoyfulClover

She sent me this amazing lightning bug in a specimen jar. Just looking at this makes me so happy! He’s soooo cute. Just look at his bright little shiny hiney! He even has amazing little stripes. Swoon.

and his name plate:

This bag is everything! I am always looking for more tote bags to haul stuff around with me to and from work (whenever we may be able to go back.) I usually have a few that I carry around with me every day. One usually has work stuff in it and one has crafty stuff in it to work on during my lunch hour. I adore black and white with pops of color and she sure did deliver on this one. I also love love love green and that little pop of magenta pink is sooo gorgeous. She checked all of the boxes with this tote!

I also asked for some fingerless mitts and she found the most amazing pattern. They’re nice and long and I’ve been wearing them constantly since I got them. My little typing hands/fingers get cold and these mustardy mitts are sure to help. And just look at that pattern! The design isn’t symmetrical and that makes me even happier.

I absolutely LOVE rainbows! I received this woven rainbow art piece. She said that it was a stretch for her to make it since she’s not into bright rainbowey colors, but I’m glad she made it for me anyway. How absolutely gorgeous is this piece? Photo taken on my little rainbow craftster art wall!

And last, but not least, I received this extra. She found me some old issues of Craft Paper Scissors. I’m taking my time to go through them to make them last and there’s so much to look at in each one.

Thank you so much @geekgirl and @JoyfulClover. You’ve both made my heart oh so happy!


That is amazing! You rock that pattern.

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Oh my gosh everything is amazing! It’s been a long and weird week with too much overtime at work. I’ll be opening everything up tomorrow on my first day off in over a week!

Here are all my goodies wrapped!

So exciting!! The first thing I unwrapped was this lovely Happy Camper sign! I’m moving into a tiny house on wheels and living in the lower mountains of the sierra nevada and this is just perfect!

The second one I opened was this shadow box picture frame ago a little camper. It’s so cute! I watched this couple on youtube who live in a Scamp trailer full time and this totally looks like their home! I love it!

Then she crocheted me this beautiful and soft green scarf! I love this yarn! My daughter is being a good lol.

Theme there was this adorable gingerbread kitchen towel and ornament! The cookie cutters are so cute!

Then there is this adorable winter scene in paint and vinyl! I love the windey road look!

My youngest was just too excited to open this Stranger Things pouch as we anxiously await the new season lol

Then I opened this other cute Christmas towel and camper ornament! I really love that camper - so cute!

And here is a shot of everything together:

I am so very greatful for all of these lovely and thoughtful gifts. Thank you so much mommiemae!


I received this awesome package from Audiana:

This is a garland with lantern lights. It is on my fireplace mantel right now.

A huge jewelry making kit. This may be the year I try those tree of life pendants

Cute embroidered hoop

Painted photo frame

Light up fairies in a bottle! My daughter loves this! I hung it in her room

crochet slippers

a cute ceramic soup bowl and spoon

a deer apron

some awesome smelling lavender and oatmeal soap, and a lavender lotion bar

a cute light up painted gingerbread house

Thanks so much for everything, I love it!


I especially love that deer apron, it’s so sweet. Very thoughtful package.

@SalubriousAimee! Your free-form landscape is WILD!!! All the texture, and beads! Did you post this in it’s own thread? You should! It’s epic!

@Audania! I love the winter feather hoop you made! And the bead kits were a big gift! Wowza!

I also like the soap and lotion bars! Sweet!

Thank you! I will hopefully get a post up soon. I have a bunch of in progress shots but none finished and I didn’t want to steal @artsycandice 's photos lol. I should attempt a graceful request to see if she’d send me some photos since I didn’t prep well enough lolol


Yay! I’m looking forward to it! I’d really like to hear about your technique!

Yeah! I finally have internet in the new house, now I can share what @PrincessP sent me.
First a little zippered triangle pouch, an embroidered kitchen towel, and she got it right I bake, not cook, and this stunning pillow cover.

Then there are cute gingerbread ornaments, the house is a count down calendar. And also a great fabric basket.

And then if that weren’t enough, this gorgeous lap blanket/quilt.


What a great gallery so far! That lap quilt is so gorgeous! She’s so good at picking out coordinating fabrics. A secret super power perhaps?


I am finally getting around to posting photos of the awesome advent calendar/book that @geekgirl put together for me. I actually made myself wait to open these a day at a time and it was such a great surprise every day. Included in the advent were altered tags, ATCs, ATCoins, ephemera, colored bookmarks, little packs of paper including Yupo (I can’t wait to try it), and more. What an amazing haul. I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of these goodies!
Here’s a photo of the entire haul:


I really loved the advent component of this gift! I was def jelly! Because look at all those epic bits!

great package! I esp like the pillow cover

glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun putting it together.

I think the only package we are waiting on is the one from raury to @PrincessP.


Look what arrived today!! @geekgirl @Raury
A wonderful surprise to come home to after my first day back at work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Firstly these gorgeous knitted fingerless mittens in my favourite colour! They are so so soft and cozy :blue_heart:

Next, these cute badges. The bunny didn’t quite make it in one piece after his epic journey (of nearly 3 months!), but I’ll try to fix him right up.

This cheerful star garland which I can’t wait to hang up in my studio

A mermaid cross stitch piece :slight_smile:

And the most AH-MAZING knitted socks! Which were my super big wish :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I can’t knit, so I truly appreciate the time and care that went into these socks Paula, thank you so very much!!

As you can see, they are in my favourite colour :heart_eyes: and fit like a glove, well, sock! :sweat_smile: You can even see how beautifully they match with my culottes…maybe I can start a new “show off your gorgeous handmade socks” trend?

The last thing I opened were these super comfy slippers :smiley:

I tried them on, and they are still on my feet, sooo comfortable!

Thank you so much for your wonderful package @Raury x


what a great package! worth waiting for! I love that mermaid and those socks are so gorgeous.

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So much glorious knitwear! And socks! The colors are excellent, @Raury!

So glad it finally made it and hopefully it will soon cool off so you can wear some of them!


Wow! @raury is such a prolific knitter! Just one of those items would have been wonderful, but socks, gloves and slippers! How wonderful and lucky you are to have such a partner!

I adore the garland as well and the very nice silhouette of a mermaid in cross stitch!

Christmas is January (well, almost February!)…how fun is that!