Holiday Present Swap Gallery

Holiday Present swap


lynx2lancer :mailbox::gift:<–> lindyv :mailbox: :gift:
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Artsycandace :mailbox::gift:<–> SalubriousAimee :mailbox: :gift:
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Modified round robin, each person sent 4 items to the other 2
geekgirl :mailbox::gift:<–> kwality :mailbox: :gift:
kwality :mailbox::gift:<–> JoyfulClover :gift:
JoyfulClover :gift:<–> geekgirl :gift:


I’m so excited!

I received and cannot wait to open!

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It’s December 1st and I could not wait any longer. Taking a break from the paperwork and working from home to share all of the lovelies from @artsycandice. Thank you for this lovely package–it is full of holiday joy and I enjoy everything very much. Without further adieu, here’s the goodies! Many images, to display my excitement!
Upon opening–I did open the box last month. Beautifully wrapped gifts, and a few unwrapped extras which made the wait a little more bearable.

The extras

The rest

Check out those fabric holiday garland flags–so beautiful!

Close up of a hand bound, fabric cover (very soft) journal

A ceramic owl that is a new permanent fixture in my kitchen

More owl themed goodies

The larger of the two rattles and I have no idea what is inside. I imagine some sort of pebble. The fiance thinks it’s a hex of owl bones :laughing::joy::joy:

Adorable tree themed bowl–I will use it for jewelry most likely.

Tree themed office items

And some adorable ornaments!

Thanks again! For all that this year has been, this swap package truly was delightful. Great craftsmanship too!

I can’t wait to hear of all of your excitement upon opening your packages also!


wow what a great package! I love it all but esp all the owls.

Amazing work @artsycandice! What a great showcase of your ceramic skills :smiley:

Thank you for opening and sharing with us @SalubriousAimee :wink: It’s very hard to pick, but I think my favourite are the Christmas tree ornaments :christmas_tree:

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That’s a delightful package.

Today was a snow day and Dec 1, so I also opened my presents! @lindyv spoiled me like crazy and I love everything!

The box, which I had to peek in beforehand, I have a picture of, but neglected to resize apparently.

Some of the extras:

More “extras,”:

And my most special “extra,” my furbaby Mia who passed away in June.

Lindy sure put her Glowforge to use before she even started the official crafting!

I had asked if she could make me a specific music note related piece that I could add to a wreath I had started. I had purchased one on Etsy earlier for a Christmas gift, but their shop never re-opened from their break, so I needed another option. She happily agreed, and made one very similar!

I’m going to add it to this wreath. This piece is very fragile, so I am going to glue it to something before I attach it to the wreath, but it will look something like this:

I had also asked for some Impractical Jokers t-shirts for myself and my daughter. I have a Cricut, and can make them myself, but, eh. They are perfect and fit great!

Lindy painted me a bright and cheerful painting of my favorite Animal Crossing villager, Alice! I squealed!

She’s decided to live on the cabinet above the washing machine so I can smile every time I do laundry.

Lindy made this fantastic puffin pillow case:

And adorable puffin ornament:

She also embroidered this sweet royal bear!

And lastly, this really fun needle felting kit! There are supplies and directions to make 4 really super cute animals! I can’t wait to play with this!

Thank you so much, Lindy. Everything was so thoughtful and generous. I hope you love your package as much as I love mine! It was such a treat to finally swap with you!


How fabulous! I love the idea of the needle felting kit, a fun new craft to learn :smiley:
I think my favourite thing is the sweet bear hoop :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Beautiful work @lindyv321


great package @lindyv321 i love the puffins!

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The owls and bowl from @artsycandice are simply gorgeous!!!

Thanks all I’m so glad you loved it @Lynx! My daughter Adia actually painted Alice for you since I have 0 artistic skills!

I also opened up all my gifts yesterday. They were numbered but I opened at random…

The first thing I opened was this lot of fun Disney magnets

And then an adorable Mickey ornament!

This set of gorgeous stamped jewelry with Disney quotes

A super cute Christmas/Disney hoop

An amazing Mickey pocket letter. I love the backgrounds

The fillers

And not one but EIGHT!! beautiful mug rugs!

And last but not least the cutest, softest lap blanket!

And look at the backside!!!

Thank you so much! You captured my love of Disney perfectly! I’m so happy we finally were paired up!


I received from both my partners!

@geekgirl there are so many items!

Paper ephemera and little bits of fabric scraps, to soothe my little greedy heart. I dearly love little bits of things.

Foam geometric stamps and SO.MANY. small stencils to make art journal pages with! These are something we talk about a lot during paper zooms, so we’ll see these again. Umm-hum.

THREE adjustable fabric masks. Because I whined over how much I hated making them. Look at these prints! I have so many to choose from!

A stitched shamrock because they are my lucky charm!
Just like the leprechaun! This might go above a door for extra luck. We could use it now. And she sent along smidge bits of the fabric, because green is my jam!

A Scottish thistle TM patch! Squeee! It’s my only one!! I love how dense the sitiching is! And the fabric contrast? Oooh yes!

A scrappy fabric assemblage bird. See the metal, and the beads? And the organic fabric shape? She reminds me of a small sandpiper.

I love looking at all the different pieces here. She has a copper paddle tail, and a full assemblage base. I like all the exposed stitches. And the little leg pieces.

And here are my favorites. My little Baby GG. I know this photo, and how relaxed she was here. geekgirl did this in multiple layers.

Here you can see all the small little doodles! She calls them abstract line drawings in ink. Or doodles if she’s not feeling so fancy.

And little Baby SS. This girl has my heart.

They make me so happy! She even did the eye catches! I love them all, but my doggos are my favorite. There was some ugly crying. No shame.

Thank you SO MUCH for being such a great swap partner, @geekgirl! You are epic!


I also received from @Kwality570!

Woot to the Woot!

A whole slew of fabric bits I can make into other things. She considers these trash, so I’m thrilled she kept a stack for me! She also sent some Color Burst in tangerine. I’m definitely trying this soon!

Hand dyed Kwality yarn. Check out the final shades!! We sat one night endlessly discussing how she was able to achieve this particular grade, with the underlying cream bleedthrough. I still don’t know for sure, but at least I have these!

The world may never know…

A handknit shawl on size 4s! Using hand dyed yarn! In all the dark greeney colors! Yeah, baby.
It’s hard to show a shawl…can you see the olive green border? With all the stripes!

A metal and fiber art piece. Knitting, crochet, beading, sewing. Metal. Fabric. Thread. Buttons. Ahhh, all the things I love. Apparently this was a beast to bring into existence. But boy do I love it!

And here are my little smudges. GG.

See the pop art circles? Their faces are elevated from the base. She is hard to catch with ears fully up.

And my wee SS. Her little bright, tilted head. This is how she sits so pretty and looks up.

More ugly crying - Tyra would be ashamed. I KNOW these little faces so deeply. And now I am lucky enough to have 2 sets! And each set is done so uniquely in the individual styles.

Thank you so much @Kwality570 for being a great partner! You are amazeballs!


Omg! The yarn! That shawl! :heart_eyes: lol

So excited to celebrate the holidays with you all! These packages are wonderful!

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@JoyfulClover So many great goodies! The pop art pets is really neat! I am amazed at that cool wall art. I hate making masks too! So, I just buy them! That was a nice gift to receive. I remember earlier this year when you said you didn’t have anything with your screen name…and now you have the JC hoop I made you AND now the clover hoop! You’re on a roll!

Yes, only a few items!!

It’s been a busy couple of days but I managed to get pictures today, even if it is very late. I received from @SalubriousAimee a very awesome package…

First up are these miniature picture frames made from hot glue for my dollhouse. Aren’t they awesome? I’ve never used hot glue as a creative material by itself so these are especially neat. The images were taken from a yoga magazine. Great, now I have to keep magazines too. lol

Next up are some chocolates with some reusable bags. One chocolate may have disappeared while I was typing this…

Then a sparkly owl ornament. I may have a thing for owls (ahem) so this one has found a good home.

Crocheted goodies. A dish rag and a face cloth.

A hand-bound journal with a crocheted cover…
This one is made with office scrap paper that has been dyed, glued, and hand-stitched. I just may make this a scrap journal and attach all kinds of fun things inside.

A gray cowl. She made this with yarn she reclaimed herself. I have many cowls pinned but have never owned one before. I may have already worn this yesterday. :heart:

And the most awesome a lovely wall piece of them all…

What she wrote about this piece:
“Free-form crochet wall decor. This is as close to an art wall quilt as my skills would allow - but it was super fun to make! It has all kinds of beads and yarn textures to create the sky/ground effect. I am so happy with how it turned out. Sentimentally, tucked inside the two outer layers are 4 large granny squares crocheted by my late Great Aunt. She passed and I inherited a large quantity of her yarn. I crocheted them together to create the framework and to put to use her hard work.”

Wow. Thank you. I feel honored that you would gift something so precious to me. Know that it will always have a home here. I am going to tuck your note into the piece and then find it a proper home. I wish you all could feel this. It is so thick and layered that part of me wishes that it were larger so I could snuggle under it.

Thank you so much.


Looks like a lot of us decided to open sooner rather than later!

Here is what I got from @JoyfulClover

First this Stargate SG-1 themed cross stitch. It says no place like home. The frame matches a couple of walls in my living room. I’m still debating where exactly to hang it!

2 hand carved stamps. Apparently I had these pinned multiple times on pinterest! I love the cat’s little face. I’ll be stamping him on everything. The bird is so cute.

This was an extra - a dollhouse miniature. Everything is better in miniature!

And this cool book. Can’t wait to try some of the things it has. SO many binding methods. I had no idea there were so many.

A wood burned dandelion. I love woodburning and it’s not anything I’ve tried myself. I think I’ll hang this in my kitchen.

And this awesome scrappy fabric bird. We had talked about these and both made one for each other in completely different styles. He is adorable.

and his cute little feet

and this fantastic paper mache cat. I have him on top of a tall bookcase so the real cats don’t try to sit on him.

And here is Rygel enjoying the torn paper in a box. he made a Christmas nest.

thanks for everything @JoyfulClover!


Here are my goodies from @Kwality570

kwality ATCoins! they are great. I love 'em. I’m going to put magnets on the back and put them on my fridge.

a crocheted pouch. it’s so well done. the stitching is so tight it doesn’t even need a lining. nothing is going to poke through!
And she hand dyed the yarn. it’s so pretty.
and some gel pens that will definitely get used.

And this amazing otter! Adorable.

Cool background stamps

a crocheted wrap. I love the pattern

and some wall art. still deciding where to go. it might go in my dining room

thanks @Kwality570 !!!


That otter just SLAYSSSSS!!! With hims little shrug?? Gah! So freaking cute!