Holy Halloween Hoops!

I always do a lot of stitching around Halloween. This year is no exception. Here are a few projects I did for swaps.


They’re all so cute! Though the purple might be my favorite. :purple_heart:

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Love those fat Halloween kittens@

Love the flowers!

All just darling, but that trio of troublemaker kitties might be my faves!

Love the purple material on the trick or treat one, they’re all so perfect!

All great! And do love how you decorated the hoop frames with flowers.

These are all so great! I love the accents you added.

They are all awesome but the purple one is my fave! The felt accents give that perfect little extra!

They’re all lovely, but that wreath is the absolute best! You did such a great job arranging it all for balance and cuteness. :slight_smile:

Awww those are all adorable! Think the purple is my fave, I love the flower accent on the top and all the colours, but kitties and all the rest are just lovely too!!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks everyone!