Home decor and renovation craftalong 2023

Oh, no! That sounds like a bit of a nightmare! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so many costly delays.


We can’t complain too much, so far everything went roughly according to schedule and we hadn’t had any major bad luck yet, other than finding out some of the internal walls were a bit weak and needed some work to strengthen them (and that’s to be expected in an older home). We waited 9 months for the windows because there are still some supply issues for those, so with the rainy and stormy weather we’ve had, I’m glad they didn’t try and put them in anyway, only for a gush of wind to blow it out of their hands!! But it’s a shame that a 2 week delay for one thing quickly adds up, both in time and financially.


I am sorry that this delay is causing issues! Someone I know here has had to move into temporary quarters from their rental because of window shipping delays in their home! I can’t imagine moving twice like they have…and it has been over a year since their home was being built…I hope they are in their new home this summer. At least it will be done proper and the way you want, just like them!

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