Homemade Pizza

Like many others, my sister has gotten into bread baking during the quarantine. While we were all together at my mom’s she made bread and bagels. We had had doctored frozen pizza one night for dinner, and it was quite tasty, but we figured that since we had all of the ingredients to make pizza dough, we might as well try it. I don’t know exactly where she got the recipe from, but she wrote it down. Once I find it, I’ll post it below. It made 2 12" pizzas. We cut them up and I had already started eating before I remembered to take a picture (of someone else’s plate :wink: ).

We made two kinds- mushroom, pepper, & onion and garlic, tomato & artichoke. We pre-baked the crust partially so we could then bake it right on top of the over racks to get a crispy crust. They were delicious, and it was an easy recipe to make, too!


YUM! I may or may not have bought a 25 pound bag of flour from Sam’s Club. This would be a great way to use it
And Artichoke on a pizza?!? Get out! They look delish


That looks yummy. My daughters is in quarantine with me going on 7 weeks and she’s turned Into a baker. I guess my forcing her too cook as a teenager paid off.

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I know that I’ve been doing more “from scratch” cooking because I’ve been avoiding the regular grocery store and trying to support local (at home, I have access to a weekly food pickup from local farms, but I don’t know how long it will continue). Once I get home, I won’t have any flour left (I brought it with me), so I might have to brave the supermarket…

We used artichokes from a jar, and they were delicious! We also used a mixed cheese blend (the pre-shredded Italian blend) with extra mozzarella.


I use the jarred artichokes for my spinach artichoke dip and you are right they are super yummy!

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I love artichokes on pizza!