Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream 🍦

I bought way too many strawberries at the farmers market. Instead of having them go to waste I decided to make homemade ice cream. It is so rich and creamy!


That looks so good! :strawberry:

Wowza! That looks amazing.

Oh, yummers!

Yummmm! Homemade ice cream is the best. Especially on a waffle cone!

Wow this looks amazing!!

oh, my, looks SCRUMPTIOUS!! how long did it last??? eaten within the day? the hour?

That looks like pure summery goodness right there!

Holy crap! That’s my favorite ice cream! It looks amazing.

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Thanks all! There is still a little bit left.

Here is the recipe I used. https://lmld.org/strawberry-ice-cream/
I added chunks of strawberries too. It was so good! My next adventure is raspberry dark chocolate.


Looks way better than store bought! I bet it tastes a lot better too!

Looks so good! We make homemade ice cream a good bit and strawberry is one of my favorites. Banana and peach being up there at the top of the list. How do you make yours? I don’t do the cooked custard. usually the fruit mashed, couple cans of sweetened condensed milk, splash of vanilla, and whole milk. I always like to hear of different recipes.

The recipe we made was so easy. We didn’t have to cook. I used this recipe: Strawberry Ice Cream – Like Mother, Like Daughter
It was insanely creamy.

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OMG that looks so good! I could go for some ice cream right now :drooling_face: