Honey Roasted Pears

Easy, fancy-looking dessert that doesn’t wreak my husband’s and my diet.

Halve and core Bosc pears (one for every two people for a small dessert-one per person, etc for a more filling one).

Roast cut side up in a 450 oven in a pan with sides for ten minutes. Brush cut sides with a tsp or two of honey and add a half cup of water to the pan. Roast until soft and slightly browned. Allow to cool to warm/room temp or chill in fridge–all are great.

Serve with a tablespoon or so of softened marscapone cheese, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of salt (I used maldon flakey salt, but a tiny pinch of kosher or a super tiny bit of table salt will do). Grated dark chocolate was nice, but not necessary. Yum!


Wonderfully simple and looks delicious!

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You’re right – it seems really decadent, but it’s not a diet wrecker. I might have to try these! Thanks for sharing!

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Looks delicious!!

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Oh my that looks great!

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This Looks So yummy! I’ve always wanted to make something similar–seems so fancy :slight_smile: thanks for sharing the recipe!

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Those look amazing! I bought some pear brandy over the weekend and have had pear recipes on the brain ever since.


Oh this looks so good! Do you roast the pears for a while first then brush on the honey/add water then roast longer? Sorry for a silly question, I have mush brain from a cold.

No problem-I wasn’t really that clear. Sorry!! I roast them plain first for ten minutes or so to soften them before adding the honey/water and roasting them again until desired
doneness. The honey starts browning really quickly, and I like my pears more tender. (The water helps soften them a bit too, but I add it with the honey more to keep any juices/honey from burning on the pan and becoming super hard to clean off :wink:)