Hooded cowl

I picked up some beautiful yarn not too long ago and what with the quarantining decided to design something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It didn’t turn out exactly like what I wanted but it hasn’t been blocked yet so maybe there’s hope. I find it’s a little too small, but there’s also a lot of extra fabric in the back point.
The yarn is from Wool and the gang, it’s a really bulky speckled yarn, and the whole thing knit up in about 6 hours, including weaving in the ends, and looking up how to properly knit a button hole.
(It’s really hard for me to get good action shots so I brought in a fuzzy friend)


great yarn - love the speckles.

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It is very pretty and perfect for those chilly mornings.

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I love this! And the yarn is stellar!

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Thanks everyone! And I’m super in love with this yarn too!