Hoopla R1 Gallery

I received from @Cindy and its adorable!!! She used the brightest pinks, oranges and yellows that she could find and there is even glow in the dark thread in there to transform it after-hours!!! Thank you so much its perfect!


You have all done so nice hoops! I really hope there will be a Hoopla R2 soon, as I would love to craft more hoops and send out to the world! :smiley:


I love your hoop wall :heart_eyes:

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That is zowee fantabulous!!

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I received from @Smeddley ! I love horses, used to have them but they don’t go well with my current urban life. :wink: So now I get a bit of horsey in my house!

Thank you so much! This is going in my office / craft room. :grin:


I love this gorgeous mountain view from @artsycandice! It’s such a cool mixed media effect and I’m super digging the summer vacation vibe.

I also received the cutest bonus bowl! Thank you!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


OMG OMG OMG, could anything be more perfect for me?!?!

Thank you so so so much @Camelama !!!

(Okay, I CANNOT post a photo from my phone)

I tried emailing to myself to make it smaller, nothing. So, to the computer it was, because you HAVE to see this!

How awesome is that?! And hopefully, since I’ll be forced to get a new phone in a few months, the new one will work better…


Yay! Oh, i think i forgot to mention, parts of it should glow in the dark. :wink:


Great minds think alike, I used glow in the dark as well

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I received from @Bugaboo today.

She based this on a pin I have of a Brainless Tales sketch.

THANKS so much


So glad it finally arrived! It was a ton of fun to make and plan out all the color.

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Just when I think people will run out of hoop ideas, you guys blow me away!

Fabulous ideas and beautiful work…