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@roler sent me this awesome Stardew Valley themed hoop.
For those that havenโ€™t heard of it Stardew Valley is a video game where all the art is pixelated. You are a farmer and early in the game you get to choose a pet dog or cat. My farmer has a cat of course!

Roler did a great job of getting that pixelated look. Iโ€™m super impressed how she cut felt into such tiny pieces and worked with it and got it to look right. Anything less than an inch big and I canโ€™t manage.


Yay, Iโ€™m so glad you like it! The pixelated look was a new technique for me but I really love how it turned out and will probably do it again! :slight_smile:


That really does look pixelated! Nice tecnhique, @roler! I have always loved your felt embroideries!


Love it! And I love Stardew Valley, I think Iโ€™ve played through it at least twice (computer and switch)


Woah, thatโ€™s fabulous, such tiny squares, itโ€™s great


I received from @saintcady today. I opened this awesome hoop, that is needle-felted (I love needle-feltingโค) of a barn owl peeking out of a tree cavity.

But wait! There was a teeny tiny package inside the big packageโ€ฆ and what the heck could it beโ€ฆ butโ€ฆ a miniature version of the larger hoop! I am smitten. This is my first dollhouse-sized hoop and now I am hooked. Great, now this is another thing that I will have to collect. :laughing:

Thank you for these. They are wonderful. :blush:


The tiny one was fun. When I saw miniatures on your likes list I couldnโ€™t resist! :grin:


That is WONDERFUL! I love the peeking owl!


Oh wow, that owl is wonderful!!! Awesome way to combine media with the felt and the โ€œtreeโ€!

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I love that owl, @saintcady great job!

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Wonderful and creativeโ€ฆthe tiny owl is amazing.

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I love that layered technique with the owl peeking through! And that tiny hoop is adorable!

That owl is great, and a miniature hoop! Great minds think alike, now that my partner has received, I can say that I made a miniature hoop as well as the regular one. Although not duplicate like these awesome ones

Two beautiful hooplas! :smiley: And a nice card, some tea (which I havent had a sip of yet, maybe tonight?)
Thank you so much Edel, they are lovely! :smiley:


@edel where did you find that tiny hoop?

AliExpress, but I have two left, I can send one if youโ€™d like?

Edit: youโ€™re my partner for the 4*6 swap, and Iโ€™m sending out today, so Iโ€™ll pop one in the envie


Thank you!!

I received a gorgeous hoop from @skrutt today. I love it!! Flamingos! Plus she made this really sweet little flamingo who will go on my flamingo Christmas tree. Plus some yummy tea. Thank you so much :grin::grin:


I received from @geekgirl!

Itโ€™s a Settlers of Catan board! Isnโ€™t it beautiful?? I love the colors, textures, and precision of the perfectly tessellating hexagons and their blanket stitch borders. Thank you SO much! XD

Also, I just finally moved into my new place, and Iโ€™ve started the long task of getting all my fun wall art up and on display! Hereโ€™s the wall right over my work desk right now. There may be some familiar pieces here! XD