Hoopless Hoopla Swap Gallery

Love EPP! And great colors!

Yes! It is one of my bird cards! I had a love/hate relationship making that because I designed the pattern myself, which was the surprisingly easy part. Then, I had to remember how to do it! Then I kept forgetting that when you do the PP it comes out mirror image! I am honored it will have a place in the entryway of your new home!

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I really like the colours you picked for that M.

Your cards are just lovely! I have one hanging in my craft room and it makes me so happy.

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That’s really pretty @Lynx2Lancer

I received a beautiful cross stitched sunflower from our wonderful organizer @Raury.

It is so cheerful. Thanks!


I love all the greens and yellows @Raury! Great Job!

Such a happy flower! :sunflower:

You can’t help but smile when you see it!

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I love the perky, cheerful sunflower and the lovely purple “M” – it’s always lovely to see all the personalities of the requesters and the makers coming through in each project. :two_hearts:


I received a beautiful mandala from @wittychild the colours blend together so nicely and the little gold beads just add the finishing touch. Thank you so much.


That’s so elegant! The icy blues and the swooping pattern are beautiful together. And I completely agree, the tiny gold beads are a gorgeous finishing touch.


I’m so glad you like it! I had nightmare visions of the beads getting smashed by a mail-sorting machine, bubble envelope or no. :sweat_smile:


Witty!!! So elegant! I just love it!

And the seed beads were just the right touch to give it that piece de resistance.

Y’all were so well matched!

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Thank you! :blush: It was fun to play around with something outside my usual style and push my boundaries a bit.

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I have recently been reminded of the same. It IS fun, isn’t it? And when it turns out like yours? It just solidifies the goodness.

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I received from @geekgirl and I AM IN LOVE.

The Northern Lights, in floss!


I really love the sketchy quality she achieved. And the colors just speak to my soul.

We agreed to use hoops, and on size. This is an 8". So much coverage! Look at those stitches! And the sky! And the reflection! Gah!

She also was kind enough to include some paper for my new venture, and fabric scraps! Squee!

Thank you, so much, gg. I just love the soft texture, and your artistic vision. I am going to hang it today!


Oh, that is absolutely gorgeous!! :heart:

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That is beautiful. I would love to see the northern lights, but I don’t like the cold.


I’ve seen them, but not in a long time! And with the sheen of city lights in Anchorage Alaska growing up. This hoop is phenomenal!

I’m so glad you like it!
making landscape hoops is a new favorite!

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