Hoopless Hoopla Swap Gallery

Here is our gallery! We have a couple of senders so I can’t wait to see some goodies.


Already! Yay!

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Awesome! Hopefully mine doesn’t take too long to reach you @raury!

I have received from Roler and it. Is. Awesome. She made such a “me” hoopless hoopla!

I give you … Orca!

(Reading glasses for scale)

Perfect! @roler and I live in the Pacific Northwest, with so much incredible indigenous art all around. The depictions of Orcas, Crows, and Bears are my favorites. Orcas have a very special place in my heart, I have spent years following specific pods while helping friends at the UW with their research projects. And oh, the many days I have spent on shore, watching them cruise past or swim in and rub on the pebbles!


This Orca is a gorgeous dark red/maroon, white, and black felt appliqué on a gray shell fabric. It’s just so gorgeous in person, but my house skews things very blue in photos, so I messed about a bit with editing. I tried a few places in the house and as you will see, I had a Snoopervisor. Can’t do anything in my house without Feline Management. This is my cat Orca! So named as he is 20 pounds, ginormous, and he spy-hops like an Orca to see what is on the table that he might want to eat, before he might commit to the effort of jumping up.

@roler i just love it so so so much. Thank you!


@roler THIS.IS.AWESOME.! You really nailed the Haida art style. And the effort put into the felt layers really paid off. Orcas were the perfect topic.

Great job, roler role!

P.S. @Lilyleaper the kitteh inclusion wins the day! I love hims yiddol face! Thank you for the multiple pix!


His wonky right eye gives every picture of his face an adorable kind of twist. (No vision in that eye, and it doesn’t contract)


Yaaaay I’m so glad you liked it! As soon as I thought of the idea I knew it would be the perfect thing for you! I gotta admit, it was really difficult to part with, coz both I and my mom love it a lot too! I might have to make some more in this style if I ever have time!


That is so wonderful! I grew up in Anchorage with similar art vibes, so I had some feels! Love it!


What an incredible start to the gallery! @roler you really out did yourself. I knew you made beautiful felt hooplas, but this is amazing.


That orca hoop is amazing, and yay for the photo op with your kitty!


Wow, that hoop is fabulous.


Absolutely stunning, @roler! :hibiscus: The indigenous art style has been replicated so thoughtfully and beautifully. The sense of movement is also just lovely! Great way to start the gallery! :star:


I received from our lovely and talented organizer @Raury today! I had listed “cats” as a theme (because of course cats), and she delivered in the most elegant way possible.

I love the simplicity of the near-monochromatic scheme of it… those tiny pops of red positively take it over the edge.

Zimmy approves, too:

Thank you so much for the purr-fect piece, Paula - I can’t wait to get it hooped and hung! :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh this is beautiful!

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OH, that is so beautiful!

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Please tell me that this gallery will continue to have both great hooplas AND adorable models!!


So classic in technique and topic. Really elegant - great job, @Raury!

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Very pretty

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What a lovely kitty! Both of them. :grin: The delicacy of the blackwork is delightful. Reminds me of old-fashioned wrought iron, which is always classy. Your cat definitely approves. :wink:


Glad your kitty approves and that it arrived quickly.

I have received from @Lynx2Lancer , I love it. I wanted a letter M for our last name as we are building a new house and I have the perfect spot for it in the entryway. Laura also sent a card with a beautiful cardinal on it, I think it is one of her pictures, thank you. Now to pics.