Hope--Word of the Year

I joined a “Word of the Year” atc swap on another site, and the word that immediately stood out to me was “Hope.” It was the word @kittykill choose for the Dec stitchalong, and it was the word we all needed in December.

The top atc is a hostess card and the bottom atc goes to the swappers. They are both alcohol inked backgrounds (@geekgirl gave me alcohol inks in the Mini 12 Days of Christmas swap). The bottom one I made 8 and did the alcohol inks as a “masterboard” on 8x10 photo paper. The word Hope was cut with the Cricut.


I love this!

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I immediately recognized those stamps from the alcohol ink kit! Your ATCs look great!


Nice! I’m so happy to see you tried out those inks. They scare me but if you can do it, I am inspired to give it a try. Thanks sister!


Actually, those stamps were from something else, but I used the distress ink from the kit. Maybe we share the same stamps?

They are F-U-N! (wait until the inchies I just sent out to my partners start to arrive) :wink:

Yeah I have that exact butterfly stamp. And I have the same alcohol ink kit so I assumed it was from there. Great minds and all! :grin:

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@Magpie It’s good to see you here, magpie. love the new icon, as well!

Hope is such a great word, we all need it, and it’s great that you were able to make it with several things in mind

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