Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter, my peeps!

Here’s an easy one to recreate. I made two flavors; one was a purchased recipe (blueberry lemon poppyseed… I’ll link if anyone is interested and I can find it again.) and the other was chocolate brownie roll out cookies.

For the peep bunny without a name plate: I used a consistency that’s slightly thicker than flood consistency to outline and fill (cuz ain’t nobody got time for two consistencies :joy:) then immediately poured sanding sugar over the wet flood. After the icing has crusted, i piped toothpaste consistency black icing dots for the eyes and nose. Done! See how easy that was?!

I have a sped up version of decorating on my Instagram if you’re more of a visual learner.


You always make it sound so easy! Mine would totally look like Poops, though. :laughing:

I definitely want to try that brownie dough. :heart_eyes:


These look so scrumptious!

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It’s really all about the consistency, and practice. I promise you, my first tries looked like poop too!

And the chocolate brownie recipe is one of my go-to recipes but the blueberry one is my jam! It is kind of annoying to make though, because of the dumb blueberries.



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So cute!!

These are super cute and you make it look sooooo easy!

Sorry I’m late. Having a bad “hare” day. I’ll hop over as fast as I can. I’m racing that dang tortouise again. Save me a blueberry lemon, please.