Hostess Gift Vase Band

We’re invited to dinner with friends who are in the country visiting their family nearby. We’re taking a side dish, some wine, and a bouquet.

I like to take a bouquet already in a vase so that our hostess/host doesn’t have to interrupt their host/hostess-ing duties to put it in water. Simple cylinder, dollar store vases mean the money can go towards the blooms and the stash can be raided for a decorative band or bow.

Usually I just use double-sided tape or adhesive dots to attach things to the vase so the recipient can easily remove to clean, etc. THe vase is plain enough they may feel like keeping it for themselves or to pass along and inexpensive enough that it doesn’t feel like I wasted money if they just donate it. Win-win-win!


Very pretty! Love the idea to give the bouquet already in a decorated vase. And perfect to use one with little financial or sentimental value, so that the recipient can do with it, whatever they see fit. Pretty ribbon!

Thoughtful gift!

It might seem like a simple and fast project to you, but I am sure the recipient will feel very special to get something customized! Nice use of practical and stash materials.

The flowers stand out with the green focal ribbon!

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this is a fabulous idea!!

Thanks, everyone!

Exactly! This is important to me.

Oh, how I tried to find an appropriate ribbon in my stash that also had a pop of a warm color (like red) that spoke to me for this, but alas it was not to be. I do love this combo, though!

Aw, thanks! I can’t take all the credit; I read somewhere once that it is a nice thing to do when bringing flowers to a busy hostess to bring them already in water so as not to add a task to her list.

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Our museum sells flat art vases. I keep a few in my car. My sister bought a bunch when she visited the museum with me and now, she always takes some sort of vase when she brings flowers. It is a nice idea, especially if it might be for a housewarming or a time when the hostess has a ton of things to do!


Love the idea that the hostess can continue and put the flowers on the table or so.

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What a great idea, and an absolutely beautiful execution! I love it!

Simple, but brilliantly effective!

great idea, and it has your signature look!

Thanks, everyone!

Thoughtful and pretty!