House model for roof line consideration

We are adding a 3 season porch to our small New England 1950’s cape. A big porch. We’ve wanted this addition since we moved into the house in 2007. And now we are finalizing plans and hope to start construction soon.

The builder gave us two options for the roof. We were having a hard time visualizing everything, and perspective drawing is not one of our builder’s skills. And we are adding solar panels. Which roofline is best? Gable or hip?

We went with the gabled roof, standard but better for the panels. It was my choice anyway. Fit better with the house. The model is not quite accurate to actual measurements and there is no gap between the porch (sticking off the back of the house) and the house. That pesky roof join was fighting back.

It’s 20 ft x 12 ft, and will be the largest room in our house. We will look over the back yard veggie garden. Wheee!


Ooooo! I would totally do this kind of thing and you’ve done a great job of getting the looks! I’m excited for you all to get going on this long-awaited project!

That’s so cool. I wouldn’t think of building a model to visualize things.


Ooh, how fun!!! I got totally jazzed when my son repainted my bathroom ( looks sooooo sharp now), I can’t imagine how pumped I’d be for a whole new room!!! This is a great way to visualize it!

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How fun! It’s definitely so much easier to visualize things when it’s right there in front of you. And now you have a little model of your house!

What a great solution. Now I want to build a mini version of my house. :smile:

I want to redo it with actual measurements. I had the footprint but estimated other measurements. And smaller. My house is so small I don’t have room for another house inside!

Haha! Sounds like a fun challenge! I can’t wait to see it. (ahem)