How about a ' Holiday Cards Ideas' CAL(?) thread?

I’d like the idea of us having a thread to post pictures of Holiday cards we made/designed ourselves in the past, so that other members/lurkers can get ideas from it, for this year and or the next years.
I don’t want to just post pictures of MY cards, but would love for all of us to join in (well, those of us who handmade or designed some Holiday cards).
Now technically it would not be a CAL, because the cards would already have been made in previous years.
Also, I don’t want to wait too long, since crafting Holiday cards obviously costs time, so I want people to be able to enjoy it now.
How do I go about this? Start a CAL thread anyway?
Or does anybody else want to do this?
(Again: I don’t want this to be the ‘BeaG’s previous Holiday Cards show’, even though I’ve got quite a lot of ideas to share.)


Nice idea, but what does CAL stand for?

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CAL = craftalong.

I think starting a craftalong thread is probably the best way to achieve what you are looking for.


I’d share some of mine if you started a CAL for them


There is also a more general Christmas craftalong, but we post all sorts of Christmas-related crafts there, not just cards. I’d share my cards if you started a thread!


Thanks, everyone, for your input!

I started a thread: Holiday Cards (Ideas) Craftalong