How can I find a list of all the topics I'm following? Going crazy with the amount of emails I'm getting

Hey guys,

Is there a place where I can list all the topics I’ve followed, so I can stop watching every single activity? I tried disabling the email notifications, but I’m still receiving every message from every topic I’ve subscribed to. I might have “watched” quite a few topics accidentally and now I’m overwhelmed with the amount of emails I’m getting. Please help? Thankssss and excuse the noobness.

Click on your avatar. Click on the little head next to your username on the left. Go down to preferences. Go to notifications. Disable Live notifications. Set your other preferences.

If you just disable your emails, you will get one each time someone says anything on every topic you are watching, tracking, etc.

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately I already had my “Live Notifications” disabled… but, thanks to your tips I was able to find the list of the topics I’ve watched. To anyone interested, you just have to go to the Notifications -> Categories, and then you’ll find the lists by type of tracking… Thank you again!