How do I cut fabric with a Cricut Maker?

My friend just bought a Cricut Maker. She is trying to cut fabric with it and just can’t figure it out. What is the secret? Thank you in advance for your help.

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When I had a tutorial at the library maker space the fella showed me how to mount paper (or fabric) to the stick sheet & adjust the cutting depth.
Maybe if she’s still having trouble she could iron on a sheet of freezer paper and try that paper side down & paper side up to see which works better for her.


She needs a fabric mat (pink I think) and the fabric blade (little rotary cutter). Then she should just need to select the fabric settings. The sample project that came with my maker included cutting fabric, did hers come with similar?


She might need to bond it to a stabilizer like interfacing or as Magpie said, freezer paper. The pink mat is for fabric and I think there are specialty blades, too (echoing photojenn).

Maybe the below will help?


Thank you, friends! I told her my LC peeps would come through for her. She says she wasn’t adjusting the blade depth.

Sounds like she might be using the bonded fabric blade which is an option but she shouldn’t need to use if she has the maker which can handle fabric with the little rotary blade (the other machines can’t use the rotary blade so they have to use the bonded fabric blade). Glad it sounds like she’s found a way forward!

Eta - the main benefit of the maker with fabric and the rotary blade is you don’t need to prep the fabric at all. I have cut lots of quilting cotton on my maker without doing any prep to it (no interfacing or freezer paper, etc).


She got it to work! Thank you, friends!


Oh, my word. That fabric!

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I have that fabric!

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