How do I post my photo in two places

On the other site there was a photo gallery that held all the photos we’ve posted so if we put photo in a gallery and then created a post for it alone, we could copy and paste the photo link … is there something similar here?

I made an item recently for a challenge and now I’d like to create a topic for it but the only way I know how is to upload the photos again. Help.

What I have been doing is clicking the edit option on a post, highlighting and copying the image I’ve uploaded, and pasting that into a new post. Seems to have worked so far. It is a PAIN finding your photos sometimes though since there isn’t a “view all images” function. Also, a pain finding the original post since they are not oriented in any sort of order in our profiles and jump around according to what was commented on last. I am much more linearly minded myself, I like things in order but that’s not how it functions here so I’m trying to find work arounds.

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You don’t have to go into Edit mode - you can just right click the image and copy.

I can click on my profile and do a keyword search. it seems to work pretty well. I just clicked on my profile. clicked search and typed in Demon (and it says “Search posts by @geekgirl

I clicked on the post and I right clicked on the image and chose Copy. then came here and pasted


Oh cool, that’s easier. Thanks GG!

and also… mushroom! :mushroom:


That is what I do as well…right click and copy…it will hold the image until you do the next one, so sometimes I forget and copy a picture in the wrong post! But, if you have several craftalongs you want to post the same image, it sure helps a lot!

Yep-that’s what I do too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Thanks @geekgirl for solving my issue :smiley:

I had no idea I could right click!! I did edit mode, too. Nice to know gg!! Thanks!

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