How do you make resin planars?

Is there a machine that I need to make these? Do you print on them?

Do you have an example of what you are trying yo make?

Like these

I’m not certain myself but I’ve wondered too. Can you use a Cricuit or similar to make them? Or does it take something more like a Glowforge?

I had a thought that you might be able to print out images on a transparent sheet for use in resin projects as an embed, but obviously that wouldn’t work for when you need the rigid form of the planar.

edit: Oh! I just had a thought. You might be able to use shrink plastic! Especially ones that you can print an image on with an inkjet. Print the image, cut it out and shrink it!

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It looks like there are planar resin machines, they are quite pricey.

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I couldn’t even find them because I didn’t know what to type in. lol

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I had luck embedding prints in resin two ways.

  1. I spread a thin coat of resin on fabric, let set, cut out the design, and coated both sides with resin to finish. Rigid enough to use in jewelry, would probably work with paper.
  2. use a mold or frame (like a cookie cutter) sealed to packing tape. Pour in a little resin, add print, top with more resin. Rigidity depends on thickness; can use color for base (let set before adding print), clear resin on top.

But maybe these are something else entirely.

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