How is my seagrass rug?

Interesting! Is it really woven? (To my eye, it looks more stitched together than woven, but what do I know?)

Can you explain how you make it? Or even better, show an “in process” picture? Would love a tutorial on how to make something like this.

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wow, that is really beautiful.

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like your comment, it is also stitched. I missed this detail.
this is the product I sell, I finished export so no video of making. If I return to this order, I will show you.
thank you for your useful comment.

Your rug is beautiful! I really like the different patterns like the star on the inside and the overall flower shape. This looks like it would have taken quite a while to make!

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thank you so much

It is exactly what you think. The pattern is not same for all points on the rug, therefore, weavers had to focus on making carefully, it took a long time owing to a lot of details on a large areas.
The rug in the photo as you see is about 1.2 meters diameter.