How to hang a long embroidery on the wall?

I’ve got this gorgeous embroidery my grandmother made:

It’s pretty log, but we have a great wall to hang it. I guess it could be used as a long skinny tablecloth, but we’ll appreciate it more on the wall.

This is the back of the top of it. Look ar those neat stitches!

The problem is how to hang it… Ideally it needs something like this:

(More work from the older generation. My husbands grandmother, and I think either my grandmother or great grandmother)

We’ve been looking for similar hardware, but it’s just not very fashionable to make and hang these anymore so we’ve found nothing in Swedish stores where we know what to ask for.

So, my question is: what is this hardware called in english and/or do you have any ideas on where to find anything suitable? Or we could try to craft something I guess, but I still don’t know where to start. Help?

Edited to add: framing it could probably look good, but might also break the bank. We’re still recovering for some awesome but spendy framing and while I know a person who could make it look good, that’s not in the budget right now…


I’m thinking “hanging scroll frame” will get you some good results. The hardware at top and bottom are sometimes called dowells, especially if they are made from wood and are more rounded. There are some tutorials out there for basic wooden ones, but they might not be style you are looking for.


My first thought was “bell-pull hanger” to describe that type of hardware - but wooden dowels could work, too. Good luck!


I was thinking bell pull also. I just looked at there are a few places that sell the hardware.

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Bell pull seems right! Thank you :slight_smile: Hopefully I can find something suitable

Scroll frame gave some interesting solutions too.

Danish cross stitch brand Eva Rosenstand still sells a lot of bell pull kits, I’m pretty sure they sell the hardware too. My grandmother stitched a ton of Eva Rosenstand kits, including tons of bell pulls.


It warms my heart to have read through and seen all the helpful comments!


Two thin strips of transparent plexiglass or real glass, sandwich top few cm inbetween maybe small clamps will hold it together and a bigger clamp with a hole to attach it to a hook on wall.

Other option is carefully sew a linnen strip at the back and into it a thin dowel to hang it.

Loops on top is also option but looks more rustic I have a Dahlias strip narrow quilted wallhanging 2 thin wood branches from my garden, had no dowels so substituted, thin copper wire looped around them in 3 places …edges and center.

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