How to make a shirt from this fabric that isn't too cutesy?

I need a shirt with daisies on it for a specific event. This is what I have. It’s a bit…precious. The fabric is cotton woven.

Some thoughts on trim/details/hacking up a pattern to make it a bit less cutesy ootsy? Or should I lean in and make a Villager style, Peter Pan collar, blouse?

[Not my picture.]
Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 9.33.45 AM


Can you tone it down with some solid color blocking? I have seen some more casual shirts with a solid yoke and print body. I love the colors in the fabric! I know it is for a special event, but it would be nice if you would want to wear it all summer as well!

There are some pretty nice blouses where half is a print and the other is a solid for a more traditional but still modern look and more adult look.

I quite like that fabric.
Aster blouse, v-neck no collar short sleeve
Violet blouse, love that sweet collar.

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My two thoughts were a) something very menswear-inspired with solid color facings such as the shirts the “Modern Family” character Cameron would wear all the time or b) lean in and add some ruffles or poofs, ties, pintucks, small pearly buttons, etc.


Interesting. I had originally been thinking to make something very much like Aster!

Violet…it’s the Peter Pan collar but wider, so not so prim. I like that a lot.

My goodness, isn’t that cheerful!

can you use the back of the fabric, so it isn’t so bright?
How about tea dyeing it, so there’s less contrast?

somebody else suggested color blocking; could you use a solid color fabric for most of the shirt, and use this for trim, like a yoke and pockets?

I think a very simple, tailored style would reduce the childish effect of the print, maybe a fitted tank top or something with simple narrow sleeves–nothing full or flowy; minimize the amount of fabric used. I wouldn’t add ruffles or daisy buttons (available right now at walmart!).

How dressy is the event? It really would fit right in at a picnic, but it’s got a long hill to climb to look right at a formal wedding.

Indoors? Outdoors? you could add a sweater or vest, or use it as the lining of a vest.
Maybe layer it under a plain white blouse…

just thinking out loud, maybe something will inspire you.


oh—I was gifted some orange and lime green fabric that I know was expensive, but the colors are just so bright…a tea dye might mute the colors enough for me to finally cut into it…I felt like I would look like a road maintenance crew member wearing it as it is! Thanks…going to cut a swatch to test…


I’m kind of feeling like this fabric is calling for a “Go big or go home” plan. Like a fitted straight edgey pattern with that yellow as a solid wide button placket/trim. Something that looks “sharp” and tailored and then is softened by the sweetness of the flowers.

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The occasion is not dressy. I’m a woman of a certain age, so I’d rather not look too “granny in her granny shirt.”


I think that fabric is great, which says a lot because I’m not usually a fan of floral fabric. I’d make a short sleeved top without buttons, something that slips over your head but not too big and flouncy.

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Oh, I’m definitely a “go big” sew-er!

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How about something like this?

(Oh goodness, look at the bad Photoshop on this poor woman’s arms.)


Tea dyeing tip I’ve had to learn repeatedly: take out the teabags before you add the fabric. The bags will leave splotchy marks on fabric, and when they break, it’s a pain to clean off all the leaves.


I like the top one, but it might depend on the event, too.

Both of those are great!

I’d do the bottom one … less matching.

Ahhh, but I am the pattern matching queen!

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I know, I was trying to give you a break :joy:

Okay, I think I’ve got it. The neckline like this, but a bit lower cut, and the placket extended all the way to the hem to be a button down.

Set in sleeves?

Or grown on?

Here’s what I made. The shirt was a hit. The green shoes…well, our class color is green, so I couldn’t resist.

Yikes, I’m pretty sure I’m not that wide in the hips. I was on the end of the photo–it’s lens distortion, right? :wink: RIGHT?